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FAQ - Flight shape

I am a beginner at darts and i started out using the 
standard flights. I obtained them used from a friend 
and they became worn fast. I went to the local dart shop 
and bought some standard and the more slender flights. 
These flights are not as stable, but what are the advantages of 
these flights as opposed to the standard flights?
Hi Andrew,

As a beginner you should start with the standard flights. They have the biggest surface and thus the most easy to handle aerodynamics. Many players continue to use them, and they are the most common also on pro level.

A reason for a change is if your throw needs different aerodynamics. It needs experience and a lot of trying to find out if you can benefit from different flight shapes -- but this is not a task a beginner should try to accomplish.

Also such 'darts tuning' must consider not only the flights but the flight/shaft system as a combination. Again, this is not a thing a beginner should worry about. There are more important things at the start, such as technique, stance, follow-through, etc.