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Have a look at other player's opinions.

All you need to know about barrels, flights and shafts. Useful tips for buying and tuning darts. This section should be very useful for beginners!

Technique Darts technique
Throw, grip, stance, follow-through. Requirements for a decent darting technique.

Mental game
Make your brain prepared for success.

'01 out central
Everything about doubling out. The method behind it + extensive out charts.

Ask a question, suggest topics for future articles, or just let me know what you think of this site.

Frequently asked questions on The Dart Thrower.

Mailing list, Web board, Chat

Improving your game the right way.

Player's developmentFirst slump
How dart playing develops: which phases you are going through and which problems there are in each phase.

alt.sport.darts FAQ, dart rings, dart book reviews, dartboard setup and some links

Book reviews
Have a look at some good dart books.

About this siteAbout the dart thrower
Who I am and why I am doing this site

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