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Welcome to The Dart Thrower's Guided Tour!

What will you find here?
This project wants to give you in-depth information about the game of darts. What you need to improve your play, mental tricks, how to practice sucessfully, and the like. Absolute beginners will also find basic information about dart material and the usual dartboard-setup picture.

How do you use this?
To begin the tour click Start the tour!. The green frame at the bottom of this page will then guide you through this project. If you click on a link inside the green frame then the corresponsing page will open in this window here, so you can't get lost. The javascript navigation tree to the left of this page is not needed in the tour (but it works). However, when you decide to leave the tour it will be your main navigation tool and give you fast access to the topics you are most interested in.

Help! Is there a human available?
Sure. The human being who is responsible for this project can be e-mailed at info@dartbase.com if you need help.

I'm ready now!
Great. Then just start your tour now. I wish you a lot of fun during your journey through this site.