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[ From: Vicki - VA2452A@auvm.american.edu]

The scoreboard is set up like Cricket except there are a few additions. It goes like this: 20, 19, D(ouble), 18, T(riple), 17, 52, 16, 15, and C in vertical columns like Cricket. 

Each person has only one turn to close out a number. Whoever goes first shoots at the 20. One dart, (ie; one mark) is a close out. You shoot all three at the 20 though and however many you hit is your score for that round (similar to x01) but if you don't hit the number you're shooting at you cut your score in half. If you miss the 20's you stay at 0 but if you hit one 20 then miss the 19's you will have 10. The D and T mean you have to hit any double or triple during that round or you halve your score. When you get to 52, you must score EXACTLY 52 through any combination you want or halve your score if you fail. This game goes quickly since you move down the numbers after three darts each.

Give it a try then send your questions, comments etc. my way. I hope this makes your Friday night really exciting.

Have fun!