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[ From: authersonr@logica.com (Richard Autherson) ]

(Editor's Note: The original text has been edited slightly.)

Bully game - Each player starts with 3 lives (at a dollar a player). Each player throws in turn to score as many points as they can. Only darts inside the triple ring count (triples do not count). The lowest scorer in the round loses a life and throws first in the next round. When a player has lost all of his/her lives they are out and the next player in the playing order starts the next round. Play continues until only one player remains. That player collects the spoils. 

21/45 - Three lives again. The first player must beat 45 or get less than 21. If any dart lands in a non-scoring area or falls to the floor the player must go higher than 45. Failure means losing a life and picking up the chalk. Success means changing the 21/45 target to whatever he got. For example; if the player hits 7 then the target becomes 7/45. The target gets continually tougher until someone loses a life. Then it reverts back to 21/45. Note that equalling the target loses a life unless it is 3 or 180. When down to 2 players a player losing a life has to play again. The last player left wins the pot.

31 - All players start with 31 points. They all have 3 darts at double 1. All double 1 scores count 2 points on to their 31. Failure to hit it costs 2 points off their score. They then all throw for double 2, scoring 4 for each hit and losing 4 points for a miss. This continues until players' scores go negative (they are out) or all remaining players are on bull (highest total score wins). To save you working it out, if you miss all doubles up to and including double 6 then you are out.

Blind killer - If 'n' players are in then 'n+2' numbers are chalked up with 3 lives and written on pieces of paper face down on the bar (a deck of cards may be useful). Each player puts a dollar in (for example) and takes a number, keeping it secret. Play commences with players throwing in turn for doubles of the chalked up numbers, with no-one knowing who has which number. When a double has been hit 3 times it's owner is out. The first 2 out have the option of buying themselves back in for a further pound, picking one of the remaining numbers. If a number is out and no-one claims it then play continues, but buying back in is a less attractive option!

Players must own up when their number is out.