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Burma Road

Burma Road/Horse

[ From: buckwell@scsn.net (Bud Buckwell) ] 

This game, also know as Looper, is particularly attractive for a larger number of players of various skill levels. It is also good for late night as it requires no picking of teams or mathematics. It is played like a game of basketball horse where the objective is to hit the same shot as the person before you.

Each person starts with five marks and diddles for play position. The closest to the center begins by throwing up to three darts to set the first target. A target is defined as the first object hit anywhere on the board that is enclosed in a wire (e.g., Inner S6, Outer S17, T20, D10, top or bottom of the 8 in 8 or 18, the 4 in 4 or 14, etc.). The next person must then hit the same target with one of his/her three darts. The remaining dart(s) will be used to set the next target. The player throwing will lose a mark by failing (within three darts) to hit the target set by the previous player or by failing to set a new target once the original target is hit. If no new target is set, the following player has an open board. Play continues until only one player is remaining.


  1. The first shooter has an open board.
  2. If the third dart hits the required target then a fresh set of three is allowed for setting the next target.
  3. If the player setting a target comes up again in rotation and the target is still the same, he/she may elect to either pass (only one time per target) or use three darts to change the target.