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[From: rogerc@ssd.intel.com (Roger Christal) ]

I made this one up. {;^) 

Two players only. The purpose is for one player (the cat) to try to catch the other player (the mouse) by hitting required numbers. Depending on the skill level of the players, the portion of the required numbers used can be the entire number, the large single, the small single, the double or the triple. It is also possible to handicap players by having each player going for different portions of the number. For example, an experienced player might be required to hit only doubles and a new player required to hit any portion of the number. 

One player will start with the 11 and the other player with the 6. Use a coin toss to decide who starts and on which number. Players throw three darts in each turn. They throw at the number until they hit the portion of the number required. The first player to hit the required number is the cat and begins chasing the mouse. When the required number is hit, the player may GO TO either number next to the number just hit. The game ends when the cat hits the number that the mouse is on.  

If two required numbers are hit on the first and second dart during a turn, the player skips the next number for the third dart. This makes the endgame tricky for the cat because it is impossible to kill the mouse from two numbers away. If the cat hits the required numbers on the first two darts, the cat "jumps over" the mouse! When the cat is this close, the mouse can elect to "freeze" because of fear! This means PASS the turn.  

Example. Suppose the cat is on 19 and the mouse on 17, cat's turn. Cat hits the 19 on the first dart and then hits the 3 on the second dart. The cat's next number is 2 for the third dart having skipped over the 17. If instead the cat hits 19 on the first dart and decides to move AWAY from the mouse by going to the 7 and hits it on the second dart, the cat reverses direction and skips the 19 and shoots the 3 on the third dart.