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[ From: grierson@sce.carleton.ca (Mike) ]

A similar game to Bomber. The scoreboard is set up as follows:

The names of each player across the top of the board.
20| 40  (hit 2x20)
19| 97  (hit 3x19)
T | 100 (hit triple1)
18| 118 (hit 1x18)
D | 158 (hit double 20)
17|175  (hit 1x17)
16| 88  (missed all 3 darts! when halving an odd you add 1.
3C| 209 (hit 25-green, 20-black, T19-white = 121)
15| 239 (hit D15)
H | 273 (hit 3 followed by 7 followed by T8 =34)
14| 137 (missed so half +1)
25| 187 (hit 2x25) (note: red bull no good)
50| 287 (hit 2x50) (note: green bull no good)
Hope addition correct.


Each player in turn throws at the 20's and records their score. On the second turn they each throw at 19, if they miss then they half their previous score and record it. This continues until a winner is declared at the end.

The T & D should be obvious. The 3C is three different colours, with the red bull wild. Off the board does not count. H is hurdles where you throw the first dart and hurdle a number clockwise for the next two darts (ie; 20) would then throw 18 and then 13. Any doubles or triples add to the value of the score.

Example score above.