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[ From: Rod Mendez <rpmendez@ix.netcom.com> ]

The new game I would like to see added is called High/Low.

Flip a coin to decide wether the game will be high or low. For this example lets assume the game is High. Each player begins with three lives and closest to the bullseye goes first. The first player throws two darts simultaneously to set a random target number. Triples and doubles count as usual and bulls/double-bulls count as 25 or 50 respectively. Misses or bounce-outs count as zero. The next player then throws his/her three darts to try to have a total higher than the target number. If the total is lower than the target number or tied to it that player loses a life, if the total is higher no life is lost. Either way, that player's total becomes the new target for the next player. When a player loses all three lives he/she is out of the game. Last player in the game wins. 

Low is the exceptionally fun off-shoot of High. Play is the same as for High except the players must try to get LOWER than the target number. Another twist is that bulls count as -25 (negative twenty-five) and double bulls as -50. Misses or bounce outs count as 25 (add twenty five points to your score). For example if a player scores a single bullseye a single 1 and a single 20, their score would be -4 (20+1-25= -4). The next player would then have to hit at least one bullseye to not loose a life! When you try this you'll be amaze at how many triple 20's you'll hit while aiming at single 1!