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Version 1: [ From: barbour@hpfcso.FC.HP.COM (Tony Barbour) ]

One of our favorite "different"games is called "killer". Everyone gets a number by throwing a dart with their non-throwing hand. Everyone tries to hit their number exactly five times, at which point that person becomes a killer. Other people who aren't killers who hit your number also add to your total. Once you are a killer, you throw at the other people's numbers, subtracting from their total until they reach zero, at which point they lose the game. The last one in the game wins. 

A tricky aspect of the game is that you can accidentally hurt yourself by hitting your own number while you are a killer. For instance if your total is 3 and you hit a triple of your number, the first two (of the three) would make you a killer, and the last one would lower you to 4. 

Another funny thing is that "alliances" develop between people whose numbers are adjacent, since they sometimes end up helping each other with slop darts from trying to hit their number. All in all it ends up being pretty exciting.


Version 2: [ From: ballm@mala.bc.ca]

Our version of killer uses the offhand rule to obtain your number but only uses doubles as targets. Each player (or team, if more than 6 people) has 3 lives and one extra if they are a Killer. Better shooters are usually ganged up on by the rest because it is they who will eliminate you. However, beware because if you do shoot at them you are guaranteed retaliation.

Some strategy suggests that you avoid upsetting the good shooters and putter along picking off the lesser shooters. Anyway as already mentioned it always proves to be a fun game.


A couple of notes:

Think about shooting the bull as your number. Avoid the 16/8 area. A variation we play is if we have more than 6 people, we plain in pairs/teams. Each player in a pair shoots a number and then that pair has 3 lives for each number, but only 1 extra for the killer. This means a total of 7, which means a longer game with more enemies.

When one of the numbers has all 3 lives gone the other number is left until it has no more lives, and then to eliminate that pair either of the numbers can be shot.