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[ From amnon@milo.berkeley.edu]

The game is a race from one to twenty on the area between the doubles and triples. You throw three darts as usual to start. If you throw outside doubles, you don't get to throw that dart on your next turn. If you throw inside of triples you leave the dart in the board. The next player may then capture your dart by hitting the same number on the area between the doubles and triples. The next player then gets to use your dart for the rest of the game unless you can capture it back. Bullseyes can be captured by any throw between the doubles and triples. The game ends when one player finishes the race (by hitting 1..20 on the area between doubles and triples) or when one player captures all of the other players darts. 

Obviously, this game won't work for dart experts, but we have a great time playing it, it has frequent reversals and amazing comebacks. You never get so far behind that you are sure to lose. The game could be modified to work for better players I bet...let me know if you come up with some better rules and let me know if any of y'all try these rules. 

P.S. Oh, I almost forgot! The best part of this game is that you don't need to keep score, you just need to know what number you are on and how many darts you can throw. This way you can keep a beer in your off hand instead of the chalk! ;)