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[ From: rodney@cs.mun.ca (RodHutchings) ] 

Well, the way we play the game is to go after the numbers in sequence. This way, if you are after say 3 and hit the treble 3, we would consider that a hit for 9 and go on to the 10. We also have a rule where if in the course of going round the board if you hit the double of a number you require (provided the number is below 11) then that double becomes the "out" double. That is, after finishing the 20, you would then have to hit the "out" double, and then either bull to end the game. If all players have advanced past 10 or any player advances past 20 without setting the "out" double, then the out double becomes double 20. Here are some possible game sequences:

1) 1, 2, 3, D4, D9, 19, 20, D4, Bull
2) 1, D2, T5, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, D2, Bull
3) D1, T3, D10, D1,Bull (One of my favorites, the fastest end!!)
4) 1, 2, T3, D10,D10, Bull (A nicer Shot than (3))

As an added twist, we define a player as a "walker" if he reaches the 11 by hitting single 10 (ie; double 5 would not make you a walker). Walkers would have the opportunity to obtain free shots by hitting 3 consecutive required numbers in a single 3 dart shot.  

We have spent many hours with this game, as it is quite enjoyable, and of course there can be many variations on this theme. I'd be interested in seeing some other variations. My best finish on this game is 7 darts (2 misses on (4)above).